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CryoLCCryoHCmediumOur CryoLC®products are manufactured using your in-house microbial isolates.  When we receive your microorganism, we standardize it to the “<100 cfu” format and cryopreserve it, for use in a variety of GMP applications.

Use of our CryoLC®products is easy.  Simply thaw, mix and aliquot.  They don’t require rehydration or the use of more than one component, eliminating the risk of incidental contamination.  No advance planning, no resource allocation for organism preparation, no repetition of work and delays due to “missed” titers.

Our manufacturing process requires minimal culturing from the submitted sample, helping to ensure less than five passages from the source culture.  Importantly, manufacturing is complete in just a few weeks.

CryoLC® products have demonstrated stability for several months.  This saves you significant costs associated with time and resources that you would have needed to prepare and maintain your organisms yourself. 

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to many frequently asked questions about our products. 


We are committed to providing you with straightforward pricing. We do not charge “developmental”, “setup”, “organism”, or non-refundable fees, nor do we require an advance deposit. Even shipping is included!

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars (including non-refundable fees) and wait months for your products?  Our pricing and turnaround time are the lowest in the industry.  Contact us now for fast and cost-effective processing of your microorganisms!

# Units1/Set


50 $4,810.00
100 $6,180.00
150 $7,550.00

1 One “unit” is 1 mL of product, representing 10 aliquots, each delivering <100 cfu
2 PA residents add 6% sales tax

Pricing for other volumes can be quoted upon request.


The “<100 cfu” format afforded by our CryoLC® products makes them ideally suited for many GMP microbiological applications, including:

  • Media Growth Promotion
  • Method Suitability (USP <61>, <62> and <71>)
  • Validation of Microbial Recovery (USP <1227>)
  • Analyst Qualification / Proficiency Testing
  • Rapid Microbial Method (RMM) Qualification

Click here for a bibliography of regulatory, compendial and industry references on these topics.

USP® is a registered trademark of the United State Pharmacopeia

Click below to access our Sample Submission Form (you will need Adobe Acrobat® reader to open the file).


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